balance your power

candle services

i make my own magic candles using 100% soy wax (not "natural" or "blend") which i infuse with color using pure, natural plant material. i then pour them into reusable glass containers with a wooden wick. before i burn them, i dress them with my own oil and herb dressing blends to oomph up the magic, and i often set out little extras like crystals, pieces of stitchery, tarot cards, and trinkets for even more impact. they are the most earth friendly and magically powerful candles ever.

when you purchase a candle service, we will work together to select the best candle and magical dressing oils and herbs to bring about your desired outcome, and then i burn it for you. i can safely burn candles continuously and address any burn issues that crop up. i provide daily video reports including any notes or recommendations after the candle burn is complete.

you may buy candle services here.

group candle services

if you feel overwhelmed with a full customized candle service, the group candle service is a good way to try out just a smidge of candle magic. i generally burn candles for each new and full moon, sabbats, and any other major world events that could use the help. by purchasing a group candle service, you are sharing these candles with others. you'll still get the daily video report, and the impact of the magic, but the process is simpler and you pay for just your portion.

you may buy group candle services here.

solar and lunar newsletter subscriptions

i offer two weekly newsletter subscriptions.

☀️ sunday stories focuses on solar cycles, wheel of the year sabbats, and seasons.

᮰ moonday missives covers lunar cycles, intuition, and manifestation work.

these emails will include important cycle dates along with education, ideas, and guides to initiate and support your personal practice. tuning into the flow of these cycles can help us find greater balance and connection within ourselves.

you may subscribe to these free newsletters here.

sabbat gatherings

i hold small gatherings for each sabbat in the wheel of the year, which occur eight times a year. we do crafts, spells, and other activities designed for each sabbat, but more importantly, we do it together, in person, building community.

please email me to learn more about these gatherings.

frequently asked questions

why don't you sell your candles so i can burn my own?

i did sell them for a bit, but wooden wicks can be temperamental. they were causing too much anxiety! i've thought about redesigning with cotton wicks. that would mean losing the crackling sound and a measure of sustainability, but confidence and good vibes might be worth it! i'll let y'all know if that happens.

this group candle service thing sound like a timeshare. is it a scam?

i love that comparison, and i can see the worry. the power of the candle magic will be diluted a bit by being shared. however, each participant is sharing their energy with the candle, so it grows in a the-whole-is-larger-than-the-sum-of-its-parts kind of way. maybe try one and see what you think. there are no contracts or future commitments.

i'm curious about the newsletters, but worried i'll get overwhelmed. is it too much information?

yes, probably. that's why i split it up into two newsletters. personally, i worked with the moon cycle first, with a little nod to the sabbats as they came along. then i decided the moon moves too quickly, and i focused on the seasons and sabbats. now i have practices for both that currently feel balanced and reasonable. one of the reasons i started these newsletters is to buoy my own practices and always explore new possibilities.

you can subscribe to both or pick one. you can change your subscriptions anytime, or cancel them all. even within each email, remember that the information is an invitation, not an assignment. take what resonates and leave the rest.

can you do the sabbat gatherings hybrid so i can join on zoom?

good lord, no. every time i've tried this trick, it's a logistical nightmare. no one can hear each other, the in-person gathering is stunted, or the people on zoom are ignored. or maybe i'm just doing it all wrong.

if you are interested in a zoom option for these sabbat gatherings, let me know. if there is enough interest, maybe i'll do one fully virtual.