About Us


Equinox envisions a world where all life exists in compassion, equity, connection, and sovereignty.


Our mission is to guide people into balance following the perfect example of natural cycles.


Balance: This is our core value. It informs everything we do. Equinox is the balance between light and dark, day and night, erratic energy and dull energy, apathy and struggle, the past and the future. We strive to find balance in all aspects of our work.

Compassion: We meet each person where they are, with tenderness and care.

Equity: We recognize and champion each person's lived experience.

Connection: We nurture each person's sense of safety, security, and belonging.

Sovereignty: We honor the power and strength of each person's authenticity.


A sigil is a symbol created to magnify and transform your intentions into reality. So, it’s like a “logo”, but magical, and ours is designed to support our Vision, Mission, and Values!

Many thanks to Tina Welter for the gorgeous art.


Traditional Land: We recognize that Equinox’s physical spaces are located in Reno, Nevada, on the unceded land of the Numu and Washeshu People. Before the European invasion, The People lived harmoniously, migrating strategically in cycles with the seasons, for thousands of years. The People continue to inhabit and manage these lands.

We extend our appreciation for the opportunity to live, work, and grow on their territory and to learn from their example and experience. You may read more about The People at rsic.org, as well as many other sources.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity: We value all voices and perspectives and require them in all spaces. We endeavor to use whatever power and privilege we have to support people without it. We fight against anyone or anything that strives to do the opposite.

Seva: We use all donations to expand our services to those in hospitals, hospices, and other care centers.

Generosity: We put five percent of our proceeds towards Seva work. We also set aside five percent for donation to other nonprofits. We select these organizations using a collaborative process to ensure our impact meets the widest area of need and aligns with our values.

Our People

Laurie Maren


After a lifetime of accepting the titles of analyst, manager, mom, wife, and saint, I'm now recognizing I am more whole by embracing and embodying the titles of intuitive, student, reader, psychic, founder, guide, teacher, master, friend, goddess, and partner. I am a Reiki Master, Reiki Instructor, Seva Practitioner, Tarot Reader, Equinox Academy Instructor, and founder of Equinox.

Please click these links to schedule Reiki Sessions and Tarot Readings with me.

Shout out to Homeslice for the t-shirt.

Aaron Lozano


Psychic Tarot Teacher Healer

I have been studying the Tarot for over 20 years. I believe that Tarot is part of everything, and when used properly, can facilitate great healing.

I am a second generation Mexican American, born in San Fernando, CA. My family originated from Jalisco, MEX, and I descend from indigenous Mexican Indian on both sides of my family.

I teach Tarot at Equinox Academy.

I believe “tribe” means family, community, and solidarity, and that everyone seeks their tribe, or community, where they can be their true self and connect with like minded people who desire to grow and evolve on their spiritual journey. Tarot Tribe provides a safe space to study the Tarot, practice reading, and learn from each other.

Please go to my website and blog to learn more about my teaching work.