Equinox Academy is a collection of educational programs and resources which offer a holistic way to find balance at all levels - from deep within all the way through the expansive spaces without.

Please consider our offerings and decide what calls to you.

Tarot Circle: Reno

Aaron Lozano teaches Tarot for all levels, using various teaching methods to keep Tarot fun and accessible.

The first hour, Aaron will offer a short lecture and an exercise to open up our psychic abilities. During the second hour, we will be practicing readings on each other to strengthen our confidence as a reader. You will be able to ask questions throughout the morning.

Bring your favorite Tarot/Oracle deck, a notepad and pen, and an open mind. Open to everyone, from beginner to seasoned reader.

$20 per class

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday from 10 am until noon

Equinox Coven Meetings

Equinox Coven is open to every kind of spiritual, witchy, energy, woo-woo, manifestation, and/or pagan practitioner. There are rarely clear boundaries between these practices and modalities, and this is an opportunity to support each other.

Bring your stories and questions, and we’ll work together to help each other grow and break through blocks.

There is no cost for Equinox Coven.

We meet on the Wednesday nearest each 3rd Quarter Moon at 7 pm. Check Calendar below for dates.

All classes and events are held at Local Beer Works at 955 S. Virginia St. in Reno.

I'll be in touch when we start up again.

Reiki Training (coming someday)

Reiki Training is offered using a collective teaching system. Students will learn from many Reiki instructors including each other. I'll post here when I start offering trainings for Reiki I, II, and Master.

When we begin training, we will start up the Reiki Practitioners Circle, which is a monthly meeting for all Reiki Practitioners (currently working on clients, or even your family, friends, pets, home on a regular basis). Our goal is to create a safe and supportive space for practitioners to talk with and learn from each other on a continual basis. We will plan a specific topic to be presented by a practitioner every month so that you can expand your education a little as well.

There is no cost for Reiki Practitioners Circle.

Equinox Academy Events Calendar

In addition to classes, we host community events and gatherings to celebrate powerful moments in lunar and solar cycles. All classes and events are held at Local Beer Works at 955 S. Virginia St. in Reno.

Online Classes

We offer online subscription programs via Patreon for virtual education on aligning with natural cycles.

Partners and Friends

Brianna Punsalang of Coyote Supply Co. teaches classes on all types of magix. IG classes

Alchemy Classes

Amber Anderson teaches classes on aromatherapy, seasonal herbs and crafts, and personal health. IG

13 Moons Astrology

Carol Rutherfurd reads the astrology of the New and Full Moons each month. IG Email

Astronomy Calendars

We searched all over the world wide web for lunar and solar ephemeris calendars that we could subscribe to so that we could utilize them and share them with you, but no luck. So we created our own!

Lunar Phases & Ephemeris google calendar: Copy ics Link Here / View Calendar Online

Solar Season & Ephemeris google calendar: Copy ics Link Here / View Calendar Online

Here are some helpful instructions: Add someone else's Google calendar