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Sphere of the Year - Working with the Solar Cycle

In ancient times, people lived by the seasons. They honored the coming and going of the sun and its life-giving warmth as a matter of survival. Some people migrated, following the sun to find habitable lands, animals to hunt, ample grazing for their livestock, and fertile ground for various crops. Others were able to maintain their positions with more moderate weather, successful planting, and meticulous planning. Today, most people are not as aware of the seasons, yet they still impact us powerfully.

In effect, we remain connected to the seasons without awareness.

We can begin to understand the energy of each season by recognizing the change in weather, the lengthening and shortening of days, and the planting, growing, and harvest cycle of the earth. But if we go a little deeper, we get to the really good stuff.

In Sphere of the Year, we use the traditional Wheel of the Year, a series of Sabbats or seasonal holidays, to realign with the solar cycle. The Wheel of the Year uses the astronomical solar solstices and equinoxes to split the year into four season. Each of those season is further split by a cross-quarter day into the early and late parts of the season. This provides us with eight Sabbats, occurring about every six weeks.

The active side of this work is Alchemy. We may offer it in the form of making herbal remedies, building things, creating feasts in the kitchen, mixing up new elixirs in the bar, creating all forms of art, and performing ritual and ceremony. The sun is a fiery force in nature, and loves when we work in the physical realm of the tangible.

We also include more mental and emotional options to work with Archetypes and Tarot each Sabbat to guide each person toward their own connection with the seasons. These tools can help you decipher how each season affects you individually. They show you what lessons you need to learn or what aspects you need to focus on to best align with the solar cycle. Each person is different, and each year brings different experiences.

Our goal in Sphere of the Year is to build awareness so that you are working WITH the changing energy, not against it. Using the Sabbats as a framework for our study, and injecting Alchemy, Archetypes, and Tarot, we are able to anchor our souls to the solar cycle in a more immersive, more meaningful, and more personal way.

Illumination - Working with the Lunar Cycle

People have always been fascinated by the moon. It inspires curiosity and exploration in its texture, closeness, and constancy. We can gaze upon it as long as we like, every night, from anywhere in world.

Additionally, the moon puts on a show of movement and transformation. Each lunar cycle lasts only 29.5 days on average, beginning with the dark New Moon, then growing into the Full Moon, and darkening back to the New Moon again. It's so quick, we can watch it wax and wane with the naked eye. Its influence on us through these phases is strong, and just as swift.

On top of all that, the moon travels rapidly across the sky, rising and setting at different points along the horizon every night. It moves through the twelve astrological constellations, shifting every two to three days, bringing different energies and feelings with it, often even more abruptly and erratically than its phases.

Our favorite tool in Illumination is Moon Calendaring, a daily journaling practice organized by lunar months. Over time, you begin to find patterns of how the moon affects your mind, body, and spirit. This is the first step toward alignment with the lunar cycle. It is a simple, lifelong practice that you can begin anytime.

We also work manifestation Magic with lunar energy. The New Moon is the best time for setting intentions, making wishes, putting your desires out into the universe. As the moon grows into the Full Moon, you move towards making those dreams real and watch how the moon helps to push you along. As the moon disappears again, you can regroup, reassess, and plan for the next cycle.

Tarot offers a powerful method to connect to the moon more personally, and it integrates flawlessly with moon practices. It's a simple spiritual practice to add to your daily Moon Calendaring, to illuminate the main message of each day. We also use Tarot to guide and clarify our intentions and help us stay on track throughout the wishing process.

In Illumination, we follow the lunar cycle to gain a better understanding of our deepest selves. Then we learn how to work in alignment with the changing energies to release disappointment, frustration, and fear, so that you can manifest your wishes, dreams, and goals.

Tarot Tribe - Working with Personal Cycles

Tarot Tribe - Working with Personal Cycles

Tarot is a simple and versatile tool to support our individual journeys into alignment and balance. Tarot Tribe offers lessons and resources to start up a Tarot practice or keep fresh with your existing practice. We also offer Tarot Hangs, which focus on working with the Tarot because we believe the best way to learn and stay sharp is through practice. Finally, we offer Private Lessons for people who are truly devoted to a Tarot practice.

Community is key. We love to support each other as Tarot readers. We don't see much benefit in competition or gate keeping, and want everyone in the Tarot Tribe to feel welcome, included, and supported in their Tarot journey.