Reiki Training

Reiki Training is offered using a collective teaching system. Students will learn from many Reiki instructors including each other.

All in-person classes meet at our Midtown Reno location. Click here for help finding us.

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Equinox Coven

We are opening up the Reiki Practitioners Circle to any kind of spiritual, witchy, energy, woowoo, manifestation, and/or pagan practitioner. There are rarely clear boundaries between these practices and modalities, and this is an opportunity to support each other.

Bring your stories and questions, and we’ll work together to help each other grow and break through blocks.

We meet on the Wednesday nearest each 3rd Quarter Moon at 7 pm.

There is no cost for Equinox Coven.

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You will need a code to get into the building since this event occurs after 5 pm.

Your access code is included in your confirmation email.

Reiki I, II, and Master Training



We will start up the Reiki Practitioners Circle again when we have a Reiki Training program to go with it. Here's a little about it and a link to sign up for future meetings.

We meet on the Wednesday nearest each 3rd Quarter Moon at 7 pm PST. There is no cost for this circle. Our goal is to create a safe and supportive space for Reiki practitioners to talk with and learn from each other on a continual basis. We will plan a specific topic to be presented by a practitioner every month so that you can expand your education a little as well.

This is not a "Reiki Share". We will not be offering Reiki to each other. We will also not be talking about just our best, most special, magical experiences with Reiki. This is a time to honor Reiki energy and get help from each other, a Reiki Tribe, for difficult situations. None of us have it all figured out, and we all have different struggles on our Reiki journey. The Reiki Practitioners Circle is about breaking down ego and competition, because there is no shortage of healing to be done. When all Reiki practitioners thrive, the community thrives.

If you are a Reiki practitioner (currently working on clients, or even your family, friends, pets, home on a regular basis), please sign up here. Please share with any Reiki practitioners you know as well.

We'll be in touch when we start up again.