Tarot Classes

Aaron Lozano, Tarot Guide, teaches Tarot for all levels and hosts a regular gathering to practice reading with others in the community.

All in-person classes meet at our Midtown Reno location. Click here for help finding us.

Tarot Circle: Reno

The first hour, Aaron Lozano, Tarot Guide, will offer a small lecture and open forum for questions regarding the Tarot with an exercise to open up our psychic abilities. During the second hour, we will be performing readings on each other to strengthen our confidence as a reader, and address additional questions.

Bring your favorite Tarot/Oracle deck, a notepad and pen, and an open mind. Open to everyone, from beginner to seasoned reader.

$20 per class

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday from 10 am until noon

You will need a code to get into the building since this event occurs on the weekend.

Aaron will send you the code when you confirm with him.

Tarot Tribe on Patreon

Tarot is a simple and versatile tool to support our individual journeys into alignment and balance. Tarot Tribe offers lessons and resources to start up a Tarot practice or keep fresh with your existing practice. We also offer Tarot Hangs, which focus on working with the Tarot because we believe the best way to learn and stay sharp is through practice. Finally, we offer Private Lessons for people who are truly devoted to a Tarot practice.

Community is key. We love to support each other as Tarot readers. We don't see much benefit in competition or gate keeping, and want everyone in the Tarot Tribe to feel welcome, included, and supported in their Tarot journey.

Learn more about Tarot Tribe on Patreon.