I'm a fire witch. Quick story - I started playing with candle magic, wasn't thrilled with the candles I was finding, so I decided to make my own. I wanted to make them as earth friendly and magically powerful as possible, so I spent five months in my candle lab developing a process to dye them with natural plant material (no other candle maker has OCD'd their way into this particular project), selecting the best containers and wicks, mixing my own magical dressing oils and herbs, and designing labels that double as petition papers. I now offer them to you as a support to my Reiki and Tarot work.

I'm developing a calendar/journal that organizes the year into eight sections according to the seasons and the witch's Wheel of the Year. It begins on November 1, 2021, to coincide with the Witch's New Year.

Click below to learn more about this project. Looking for feedback and art support!

Equinox Coven is open to every kind of spiritual, witchy, energy, woo-woo, manifestation, and/or pagan practitioner. There are rarely clear boundaries between these practices and modalities, and this is an opportunity to support each other.

Bring your stories and questions, and we’ll work together to help each other grow and break through blocks.

There is no cost for Equinox Coven.

We meet on the Wednesday nearest each 3rd Quarter Moon at 7 pm. Check Calendar for dates.

Magic is everywhere.