Magic Candles

The Making of the Magic

100% Soy Wax

Equinox Coven Magic Candles are handmade using 100% soy wax from Owensboro Grain in Kentucky, USA. It is not blended with any other wax (aka "natural soy wax" and "soy blend") and does not contain any additives.

Naturally Infused Color

I color the wax naturally in small batches by infusing it for nine days with real plant material. I do not use any wax pigments or dyes, natural or not.

If you know of anyone else doing it this way, please let me know because it has taken a lot of research and testing, and I'm the only witch I know who is curious and obsessed enough to bother!


All candles are poured in recyclable and reusable glass containers and feature a sustainable wooden wick and a removable kraft paper label.

The only thing that's not sourced as responsibly as possible is the warning stickers. They're plastic, but I decided was worth it for now because of the pretty hologram effect. Self care comes in many forms.

When you're finished with your candles, I encourage you to remove all the labels and wash and reuse the containers. Alternatively, you can return them to me so I can make more candles. ♻️

All Dressed Up

Equinox Coven Magic Candles are dressed with essential oils, herbs, roots, and other curio for extra oomph. Layers upon layers of magic here. The base candle is unscented to allow me the flexibility to dress it especially for you and your desired purpose. Tell me what you need it to do when you order. Essential oils are mixed into the top layer of wax before it cools for safety. Herbal, root, and curio dressings are dusted on top.

Working Your Magic


Timing can become very complicated with magic. The simplest method is to do it when it feels right or when it's needed. I sometimes try to light a candle before noon for bringing things in, and after noon for releasing/clearing work. This same method can be done using the moon cycles (waxing for bringing in and waning for releasing). Astrology offers many more options. Plenty of candle services start candles on specific days of the week according to their planetary correspondences (for instance, Sunday = Sun, Monday = Moon, Tuesday = Mars, etc.). The timing that makes sense to you is the right one.

Burning Safety

I mention below that I burn candles 24/7. It is not recommended to ever leave candles burning without supervision. I have taken extra measures to be able to do this safely because my practice prefers a continuous burn. It is perfectly acceptable to burn your candle in sessions so that you can watch it.

One big tip, do not blow out the candle between sessions. Snuff it out with a candle snuffer, or use the lid to cover it and "suffocate" the flame. This will protect the intentions and energy you are putting into your candle.

Kraft Paper Labels

Equinox Coven Magic Candles labels are made of kraft paper and have minimal printing for a reason. You may use the extra space as a petition paper (inspired by the Hoodoo tradition). Write your prayers, petitions, and wishes on the label. Text and symbols and drawings are all great. If you run out of room, keep on going. Write all over that glass container. Draw, glue, attach, or set things under and around it like photos, magazine clippings, ribbons, crystals, trinkets, and other special things. This draws the internal energy of ideas and thoughts into the external real world and begins the process of manifestation.

Small Labels

The size of the labels is also purposeful. This allows you to easily see what is happening with your candle. One important aspect of candle magic is interpreting the wax and flame during the burning process as well as any residue left at the end. Watch your candle burn. Is the flame high or low? Still or moving? Does the flame go out on its own or stay lit, even in a drafty room? As it burns down, is it leaving wax residue or soot on the glass? Once it's done burning, is there any wax left? What type of residue or soot remains now? What do these things mean to you? What is your candle telling you?

Energy Magic

Before you light it, take a moment to hold the candle and meditate upon what you want and why. I like to have a little conversation with the candle and explain everything so there's no confusion. Tell that candle what to do for you! Regularly take time to check in with the candle and remind it (and yourself) of its purpose. Reflect on any changes or shifts you notice along the way. This is energy magic, so the more you charge it up, the better your results.

Lighting Wooden Wicks

It can be difficult. It's best not to interpret this into your magic. Just know that it might take a few tries to get the candle lit. My research has led me to believe is about getting a good enough wax pool going to feed the flame, so I like to hold the freshly lit candle sideways for a few seconds to help the flame melt some of the wax faster.

If you snuff it out, relighting may be difficult as well. Many people recommend trimming wooden wicks quite short, but I like to keep them a little taller. You can always adjust it down if the flame is too high, but though not impossible, it's hard to increase wick height after an aggressive trim.

I have considered using hemp wicks (also a sustainable option), but you can't beat the crackling sound of the wooden wicks. It makes me feel like they're even more alive and thus a more active partner in the work.

Make It Your Own

My candle magic methods have been developed with influence from my study of candle magic in Celtic, Norse, Druid, Anglo Saxon, and Hoodoo traditions, along with my own inspiration, and good old trial and error. I offer them as a starting place, but encourage you to find what resonates with you. Perhaps you work with another magical lineage, or you read about some other methods somewhere (or saw it on TikTok), or you just have an impulse to do something a certain way. Try all the things and see what sticks. That is the path of the Eclectic Witch.

Magic Candle Services

If you are not able to burn your own candles for whatever reason (lease restrictions, animals, judgy humans, fear of fire), I can help. My candle altar is built to safely burn candles continuously, and I have room for yours.

I use Marco Polo to provide you with daily video reports about your candle including interpretations and recommendations upon completion. It's your life, your desires, your magic, so it works best if you're involved in the process. (If you don't use Marco Polo, please set up an account before ordering so you can provide me with the phone number you use there.)

I have supported candle clients in finding safe and affordable housing, releasing toxic people from their lives, improving their employment situation, clearing away chaos and confusion from a situation, and the ever-popular quests to bring money, abundance, prosperity, love, compassion, and peace.