How do Live Tarot Readings Work?

Live Readings are the traditional method of providing Tarot readings. Please set an appointment for the day and time that works best for you. When you arrive, we'll work with the cards to find guidance and answers to your questions. I read free form, customized to the questions and needs of each client, and sometimes use spreads.

By making an appointment, I will be able to set aside the time and energy needed for your reading, and the checkout process at the end of the reading will be much simpler. I accept cash, Venmo, and Square (credit/debit cards).

How do Virtual Tarot Readings Work?

Virtual Readings are a safe and convenient alternative to meeting in person, and the quality of the reading is just as strong.

Please set an appointment for the day and time that works best for you, just as you would for a live reading. Tell me in the Appointment note that you would like your reading virtually, and let me know if you prefer phone or zoom.

Do you Read Tarot at Events?

I absolutely do and love doing events. Please contact me to see how I fit into your event plan and get a quote.

Should I Bring Questions to my Tarot Reading?

Yes! You can make the most of your reading by sitting for a moment (or a few) and thinking of the questions you want to ask. Consider what it is you really want to know, what you're most confused about, or where you feel like you're missing information. Do this in the days leading up to your appointment, and write down notes to bring with you.

This article has some great tips about asking Tarot questions.

If you're unsure, I can help you find the best questions at your reading. Do what you can, and we will let the rest unfold.

Where are you?

I work from my home-based office in Old Southwest Reno, about 1.3 miles from Midtown and 1.7 miles from Downtown. When you book your appointment, I will share my address with you via email.

How are you handling Covid?

I am accepting only vaccinated clients for Live Tarot Readings. I may ask to see your vaccination card. Virtual readings are a convenient option for the unvaccinated.

Is there anything else I should know?

Some people like to say Tarot is cheaper than counseling, and while that is probably true, I want to stress that I am not a licensed mental health professional. Tarot is a tool but not a treatment or cure. If you struggle with mental health issues (don't we all?), I encourage you to establish a relationship with a mental health professional to be sure you have the support you need.

Same goes for legal and financial advice. Tarot may offer some ideas or directions, but before making any big changes, please consult a professional to help you map out a detailed plan.

Laurie Maren, Tarot Reader

I found Tarot in a period of faith transition. Leaving the Mormon church, I wanted to explore all of the things I had been afraid of before - things that had been called "evil" or "anti-Mormon". I quickly learned a lesson I thought I already knew, that all methods of spirituality are valid and worthy of respect inasmuch as they cause no harm and help a person feel more centered and connected with themselves and the universe around them. For me, Tarot was the thing that kept calling for more study and practice.

It was actually my second Reiki training that truly opened my psychic senses and shifted how I was reading Tarot. It released an awareness in me that had been hibernating, protecting me from judgement and exclusion during a time when I was not allowed to use and express these skills. (I believe everyone is psychic. You just have to find your language and tune in.)

Finding a Tarot teacher and mentor shifted my confidence, and his continued guidance and direction led me to read professionally before I ever would have recognized my readiness or my value as a reader on my own. I'm still shocked sometimes, at the positive impact my readings can have, and I am always honored by people's willingness to share their lives with me. I learn from every client.

Here's what it boils down to for me: Tarot can be a tool for greater growth and augmented understanding. I read the energy of the cards to provide more insight and new perspective in your life. I have studied Tarot since 2018 with experienced teachers and mentors. My readings are informed by my training in psychic development, trauma healing, shadow work, and Reiki. I’m naturally a left-brained, type A, efficiency and organizational expert, so my readings cut right to the point. I'm not going to tell you what you want to hear, but I will tell you what you need to hear, with love and compassion.

Life can be a gross, confusing, ugly, painful mess. I use Tarot to get out of the muck to find the deep, powerful, gracious, beautiful, intelligent, strong, authentic YOU.

Tarot Reading Client Agreement
I understand that:
  • Tarot Readings are for entertainment purposes only. (This is a common legal disclaimer, but be aware that Tarot is a legitimate form of divination and I do not read for your amusement, though the cards do often make me laugh.)
  • All Tarot Readings are completely private and confidential.
  • Tarot Readings do not predict the future, but are based on the probable outcome of events considering current behavior and attitude of myself and those around me.
  • A Tarot Reading is not absolute or carved in stone. The Tarot Reader will offer their opinion and advice, but will not interfere with my free will. Any decisions I make or actions I take as a result of a Tarot Reading are my sole responsibility.
  • Tarot Readers are not qualified to provide financial, legal, or medical advice. It is recommended that I see a licensed financial, legal, medical, and/or mental health professional for that.
  • Tarot Readings are only given to persons under the age of 18 with the consent of their Parent or Guardian.