guiding you towards balance


was formed october 15, 2020.  equinox envisions a world where all life exists in compassion, individuality, connection, and sovereignty.  the mission of equinox is to guide people into balance following the perfect example of natural cycles.

equinox values

compassion.  i meet each person where they are, with tenderness and care.

individuality.  i recognize and champion each person's lived experience.

connection.  i nurture each person's sense of safety, security, and belonging.

sovereignty.  i honor the power and strength of each person's authentic self.

laurie maren


my most used possession is my milk frother.  in my free time, i enjoy jigsaw puzzles, cross stitching, meditating, reading, and connecting with friends.  i am passionate about efficiency, pleasure, and quality. 

i was born and raised mormon in texas, took a turn in corporate america, and now i'm a spiritual business owner in northern nevada.  i've had three last names and moved twelve times.  i'm well aquatinted with life changes and transformation.

i am an enneagram type 8(w9 for you enneagram nerds 💛🤓). my astrology is all fire.

my tarot birth card is the empress.  this is my empire.  (actually, "" was taken, and adding the "empire" to it made me laugh.)

bona fides

reiki master - whitney tierney of wellness realized, 2022

fire witch - universe of magic, 2021

reiki ii practicum - whitney tierney of wellness realized, 2020

seasoned tarot reader - aaron lozano of turtle heart tarot, 2020

holy fire reiki i, ii, master - keia lavine of seven moons, 2020

project management professional (pmp) - project management institute, 2019

reiki i - kim roubo of the meridian and whitney tierney of wellness realized, 2018

masters degree in hotel & restaurant management (ms) - university of missouri, 2011

bachelors degree in statistics, actuarial science (bs) - brigham young university, 2000


tarot pilgrimage course - sara galactica, 2022

freezer spell & charmed bracelets classes - briana punsalong of coyote supply co, 2021

awakened soul coven maiden circle - ethony of tarot readers academy, 2021

various lunar and venus classes - april mcmurtry of the moon is my calendar, 2021

celestial ceo's course - the halfass witch of mystic mysteries, 2021

benefits and uses of solfeggio frequencies - self study, 2020

road maps: racial & social justice, equity & belonging workshop - kyana wheeler and diana dvora falchuk, 2020

staging intimacy workshop - adi cabral, 2020