balance your energy


reiki is a simple, gentle, hands-on energy technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation.  discovered and developed in japan, reiki means universal life energy.

during an equinox reiki session, you can expect to lay comfortably and fully dressed on a massage table.  i will lightly rest my hands on different areas of your body in order to balance, clear, and invigorate energy.  i often use advanced techniques to release old energy, calm the nervous system, and gently untangle deeper emotions. 

when your energy is vitalized and balanced, your physical and mental systems are strengthened and fortified to function more efficiently.  you leave feeling more refreshed, clear, inspired, strong, calm, safe, and content.


30 minutes: $40 

45 minutes:  $60

60 minutes:  $80

75 minutes:  $100


i am located in old southwest reno, 0.5 miles from both midtown and downtown.  i work from a home office and maintain a measure of privacy.  i will share my address with you upon booking.

free 15 minute consultation

if you have more questions, or if you're not sure if reiki is the right fit for you, please email me to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

 you may also email/text me your questions.

frequently asked questions

will reiki replace my doctor/counselor/body worker?

reiki is not a replacement for other forms of health care, but it works quite well in tandem with treatments offered by licensed medical, physical, holistic, and mental health professionals. 

if you are looking to begin treatment, reiki is a good place to start.  i regularly refer clients to other practitioners as needed.

how often can i get reiki?

i began receiving reiki on may 15, 2017, and i have returned every three weeks since then.  that's what works for me.  as gilda radner said, there's always something. 

it is different for everyone and it changes, as we do.  i recommend reiki every four weeks for most people.  in times of more acute stress and life events, you might benefit from reiki every week or two.  at other times, a session every few months may be enough to keep you even.

is it going to be like in the movie, ghost, when the shadows come out and scream and take the bad guys?

i have never experienced that in a reiki session, and i don't imagine i will.  i don't work in the realms of exorcism or mediumship, and i protect my space and your sessions against any riff raff.

if you find yucky energy in a client, do you take it in? 

this is a real concern in the world of energy work, so i ground and protect myself to avoid this.  it is at the core of my practice, and it's why i'm able to safely offer reiki to others. 

reiki is pure, universal energy, so it can take on and transmute anything we throw at it.  it's kind of like the movie, the green mile, but instead of going through my body and affecting my energy, i let reiki handle it.

what is equity reiki?

the guiding force of equinox is balance - seeking, finding, and maintaining balance.  each of us needs it, and our society is desperate for it.  inequality hurts everyone.  so in an effort to help, i am grateful to offer discounted reiki to those identifying as 

under resourced.

i use this term to mean all types of resources - financial, economic, structural, social, educational, legal, land, the list goes on. i do not wish to categorize and define anyone's experience, so if you decide that this is you, please contact me.

equinox is a nonprofit, and all donations and tips go towards supporting equity reiki and are fully tax deductible. 

what is distance reiki?

reiki is so cool that it works even when the client and practitioner are not in the same room.  you can be anywhere in the world and receive the benefits of reiki.  (i wonder if anyone has tried distance reiki with astronauts?)  this is a great option for clients who prefer to safely stay home or are not local. 

a distance reiki session will begin with a text to check in on your current state and any specific needs you have for the session.  then you may find a comfortable place to sit or lay while reiki is being sent.  i will text again afterwards to review the session and provide guidance.

if you want your session to be distance reiki, please let me know when you contact me to schedule.

do you teach reiki?

i teach reiki i in private sessions to established clients.  this attunement will introduce you to reiki and help you in your daily life.  if you are interested, please reach out to me for more information.