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tarot is a a deck of 78 cards used for divination.  each card represents a universal experience, feeling, idea, concept, or life lesson.  with study and experience, they tell a story.  tarot has been used for centuries to find answers to all of life's questions. 

during a reading, i'll select cards to shed light on the dark corners of your life, areas in which you feel confused or stuck.  my goal is to provide more insight and fresh perspective for you so you can go forth and make the best choices for you.


15 minutes: $20

30 minutes:  $40

45 minutes:  $60

60 minutes:  $80


please book online or text me or email me to schedule your appointment. 

initial readings will be on zoom.

preparing for your reading

you can make the most of your reading by sitting for a moment (or a few) and thinking of the questions you want to ask.  consider what it is you really want to know, what you're most confused about, or where you feel like you're missing information.  do this in the days leading up to your appointment, and write down notes to bring with you.

this article has some great tips about asking tarot questions.

if you're unsure, do not worry!  i can help you find the best questions at your reading.  do what you can, and we will let the rest unfold.

frequently asked questions

what is your reading style?

I read free form, customized to the questions and needs of each client, and sometimes use spreads.

is a reading on zoom as good as a reading in person?

absolutely!  i connect to your energy just as easily on zoom as in person.  zoom allows me to see you and hear you, which are two big ways we all sense people.  sharing physical space is nice, but not at all necessary.  plus, many clients seem to be more at ease when they're in their own space. 

can i get my reading in person?

all initial tarot readings are done on zoom.  established clients may opt to come in person or continue on zoom.

how often should i get readings?

when things don't make sense and you're having a hard time seeing your options to make a decision, it's time for a reading.  tarot can provide clarity on all manners of life's problems, so in that way, it can be utilized daily.

i do recommend not asking the same questions repeatedly.  the cards will throw up their hands with a lot of attitude.  it is up to you to live your life and make your choices and learn your lessons.

what if i get the death card?  can you just take it out of the deck so i don't get it?

i would never!  i love the death card!  it usually means there are things, people, jobs, commitments in your life that aren't working for you anymore, and so you are encouraged to drop them.  you may grieve the loss, but in the end, you will have so much more freedom and lightness.  what a gift! 

any cards seen as "scary" are likely misunderstood or misused.  the cards are there to guide you.  they'll never make things harder. 

do you read tarot at events?

absolutely!  i love doing events.  please contact me to see how i fit into your event plan and to get a quote.

will tarot replace my counselor, lawyer, accountant, or financial planner?

some people say tarot is cheaper than counseling, and while that is probably true, i want to stress that i am not a licensed mental health professional.  tarot is a tool but not a treatment or cure.  if you struggle with mental health issues (don't we all?), i encourage you to establish a relationship with a mental health professional to be sure you have the support you need. 

same goes for legal and financial advice.  tarot may offer some ideas or directions, but before making any big changes, it's always worthwhile to consult a professional to help you map out a detailed plan.

what are you doing when you're "reading" tarot?

there are two main ways that people read tarot.  some people study the meanings of the cards and interpret them like hieroglyphics purely based on what they've learned.  the other way is to tap into your intuition and psychic senses to glean messages from spiritual realms about the cards.  i, like many tarot readers, use both in order to get the most information for my clients.

do you teach tarot?

tarot is a life long skill, and a good deck can become like your best friend (the one who always tells you it's your own damn fault).  i'd love it if everyone knew tarot!

if you are in the reno area and want to learn tarot in person, i recommend my teacher, aaron lozano. contact him to learn more about his classes.  if that doesn't work for you, please contact me.  we can discuss your tarot learning needs and find a path that makes sense.

how did you learn to read tarot?

i saw tarot for the first time on february 16, 2018.  i bought my first deck in paris on march 31, 2018, and began learning the meanings of the cards with support from a skilled friend and the internet.  i took my first formal tarot class on november 23, 2019. 

there is no standard certification for tarot readers.  many teachers and schools offer programs that end in certificates, but i chose a one-on-one mentorship approach.

where did tarot come from?

most sources agree tarot began as a card game called tarocchi in late 14th century italy.  the game spread, and the french called it tarot.  over time each card came to hold deeper meaning, and by the late 18th century, people had begun using it as a divination tool.