balance your power


i make my own magic candles using 100% soy wax (not "natural" or "blend") which i infuse with color using pure, natural plant material.  i then pour them into reusable glass containers with a cotton wick.  i dress them with my own oil and herb dressing blends to oomph up the magic.  i think they are the most earth friendly and magically powerful candles ever made!

white magic - love & light

red magic - f#ck me / f#ck you

pink magic - love is love is love

orange magic - skeleton key

yellow magic - numbero uno

green magic - #blessed

blue magic - sanctuary

violet magic - witchery

black magic - deep doo-doo

candles are available for pick up in two sizes and may be dressed or undressed. if you're not sure what you need, we can discuss it at your next reiki session or tarot reading.

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i send out newsletters near each new moon with updates about equinox.  this also includes musings about the energy of the collective, life lessons, and rants when they're needed.

i don't have a huge social media presence - this is my much preferred method of connecting with you.

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frequently asked questions

what do i do with my candle once i get it home?

each candle is labeled with some possible magic uses, but the idea is to make your own magic.  connect in with yourself and see what calls to you.  add dressings, set up an altar with more bits and baubles to support it, speak a spell, write out a prayer and tuck it underneath, or just light it and watch the flame energize your intention. 

candles are also great in conjuction with reiki and tarot.  we can work together during a session or a reading to find the right candle for you.